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Note. rsync doesn’t (by default) actually copy whole files between machines. Rather, it uses the rsync algorithm to find the differences between the two files and only sends sufficient information that is needed to make the destination file be identical with the source file. This is much more complicated than just copying the file, but has the potential for drastically minimizing the amount of data that has to be copied.

1. Check whether SVN installed or not by using “svn”

2. if not install sudo apt-get install svn

3. Import Base theme( fresh ) on server using
sudo svn import /home/test/Desktop/your-project -m “Importing your-Theme Theme”

4. Checkout all the files on workspace ( remote copy of files on local IDE ) using
Server Path to Local path ( IDE location)
sudo svn co

5. Permit those remote files as Readable Writable & Executable ( 4 + 2 + 1 ) using

sudo chmod a+rw /home/test/server/wp-content/themes/Your-Theme -R


sudo chmod -R 7( user )7 ( group ) 7( world ) /home/test/server/wp-content/themes/Your-Theme

6. To commit local copy in local repository

sudo svn commit /home/test/server/wp-content/themes/Your-Theme

7. In order to make live site export fresh backup from repository

sudo svn export

8. Import exported copy to live environment using rsync or FTP whichever convenient